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9. Optional Property Services Package Levels

Downtown Beach Rentals

Property maintenance is the big bear in the room no Agency wants to acknowledge. We do.

The condition of your property directly affects your income (revenue management), your occupancy (yield management), and ultimately the value of your real estate.

Rental Agencies are the Property Owner’s eyes and ears on the ground. Agents (should) visit your property more times in a month than you will in a year. That’s the reality of real estate in a resort town.

Property maintenance needs of vacation rental homes often fall through the cracks in agency management. Owners have the expectation that it will get done and included in the fee (commission) the Agency charges on each booking. Agencies know that their fee (commission) does not even begin to cover the labor intensive costs of covering property maintenance and Owner Service requests (such as sitting contractor appointments).

The other Agencies either ignore your property maintenance issues, or expect their Agents to perform these services unpaid. We said during our initial start up year that we would offer such services complementary. For the 2017 Season we have a better solution. We’re offering optional Property Services packages to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Suddenly that bear doesn’t look as big.