Downtown Beach Rentals

10. Technology and Strategic Vendor Partnerships

Downtowm Beach Rentals

We said it before. Your guests aren’t renting the old-fashioned way anymore. Why are you still?

We’re constantly researching evolving technologies and cultural shifts in the vacation rentals industry. We’re nimble enough to adopt to proven technology platforms and to sometimes, partner with our vendors to deliver new solutions with the aim of improving income (revenue management), occupancy (yield management) and guest satisfaction (hospitality). This is partly how we’ve been able to shorten the lag time from guest inquiry to booking.

An example of this is that we’ve just partnered with a Real Estate Photography/Technology company to ensure that we deliver a professional photo shoot with navigable floor plans for each of our listings.

How cool is that! Look for this to start rolling out to all our properties in the spring of 2016.