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Owner First – We Work for YOU!

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We want to remove the horror out of vacation rentals. Everything about how Downtown Beach Rentals Business Process was designed to put our Property Owners first as our EMPLOYER. We report to and are held directly accountable to our Property Owners. Yes we service our guests hospitality needs. That’s a given. Check out our guest reviews and you’ll see! However, from the moment you first meet with us and experience our 10 Point Platinum Rental Readiness Staging Review, through our expert marketing plan, our booking strategy, even how our Agents get compensated.

Did you know that most of the other vacation rental agencies tie up your prior guests under the Agent who booked them? That Agent ‘owns’ your guest preventing another Agent from booking the guest if they call in to book. Or, in most cases, preventing another Agent from booking an empty week, because their colleague (who ‘owns’ the guest) can’t book an empty week because, “My guy always books that week. I’m waiting for him to call.” What if that Agent colleague is out of the office? Their absence and their company booking strategy (or lack thereof) just lost you a booking! Hmmm. Who does you Agent work for?

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