Downtown Beach Rentals

6. Assigned Property Specialist

Downtown Beach Rentals

If you’ve listed with another Agency prior to joining Downtown Beach Rentals, then like us, you’ve experienced the frustration of their staffing models.

You see the ‘other guys’ staff at the reservation level, not the property level. Ever called in to ask a simple question on your property status? How did that go? Did they bounce you around until they found the Agent who booked the week that you may have a question with?

At Downtown Beach Rentals our staffing model is much different. We assign our properties to one Agent. All Agents work as a team to fill and service your reservations. However, one Agent is assigned to the Owner as their, “Property Specialist.” That Agent is your go to guy/gal. They ‘manage’ your property – they track and report on their ‘book of business’ for your property – watching the online analytics, maintaining their Property Income Tracking Sheets. They report to to our Rental Manager weekly at our team meetings on income and occupancy (revenue and yield management). They track and resolve any issues, including maintenance that occur for that property. They work with the Property Owner to dynamically adjust rates based on occupancy levels (a key component of yield management).

One property. One Owner. One Property Specialist. One phone call away.

We go a step further. Beginning with the 2017 Season, following the hospitality industry model, part of our Agents’ income will be tied in with Property Owner and Guest Satisfaction. Accountability. Check!