Downtown Beach Rentals

7. Real Time 24×7 Online Booking

Downtown Beach Rentals

Amazing as it sounds, we’re the only vacation rental agency at the Delaware Beaches that has real time 24×7 online booking.

We’ve partnered with the HomeAway family of listing sites (and pay the fees for our Owners), utilizing their extensive online presence to help fill our occupancy. At no charge to our Owners! Additionally, we’re on track to release our own branded online booking engine to our website this summer to further increase our online reach.

We take care of the whole thing – managing the listing, marketing, fielding inquiries, facilitating guest stays, and so on. The other Agencies take a guest credit card online, but there in the small print it says something to the effect that this is a reservation request, not a booking. An Agent will get back to you next business day. In the meantime, we can book that guest when our offices are closed – guest ready to book at 3am. No problem. We still screen the guest the next business day to ensure we place the right guest with the right property.

Downtown Beach Rentals books properties when other Agencies are asleep…