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Twilight Zone

When Life Hands You Lemons – Clean Your House Chemical Free!

First off, I should have titled this post, “Who Is This Person?” I’m having a Twilight Zone moment, stepping sideways step from reality that I’m writing about house cleaning. However, as every Rental Manager knows, housekeeping basics are, well, basically, part of the job! Chemical cleaners work in a rush,[…]

Liz Taylor Palm Springs Home

Vacation Like a Movie Star – Liz Taylor Palm Springs House on the Vacation Rental Market!

It’s listing season for vacation rental properties! Once a year we’re officially ‘allowed’ to solicit for listings, although not for any dates currently covered by a contract with another agency. The beach may have gone quiet and bookings slow down with the occasional vacancy. However we in the, ‘biz’ are,[…]

Piggy Bank On Beach

Can I Really Make Money Renting Out My Beach House?

Ah, that feeling one gets when vacationing, “Wouldn’t it be nice to own a property here?” With limited inventory and high appeal, property prices in resort areas are a premium. “What if,” you say…? “What if, we rented out the property to cover the mortgage?” We’re in Second Home Buyer territory here –[…]