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Liz Taylor Palm Springs Home

Vacation Like a Movie Star – Liz Taylor Palm Springs House on the Vacation Rental Market!

It’s listing season for vacation rental properties! Once a year we’re officially ‘allowed’ to solicit for listings, although not for any dates currently covered by a contract with another agency. The beach may have gone quiet and bookings slow down with the occasional vacancy. However we in the, ‘biz’ are,[…]

Piggy Bank On Beach

Can I Really Make Money Renting Out My Beach House?

Ah, that feeling one gets when vacationing, “Wouldn’t it be nice to own a property here?” With limited inventory and high appeal, property prices in resort areas are a premium. “What if,” you say…? “What if, we rented out the property to cover the mortgage?” We’re in Second Home Buyer territory here –[…]